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'ARTFUL DECEPTION' - A Novel by Robert Lewis Heron.

Paper & Kindle:  available at Amazon

NOOK: available at Barnes & Noble

A tormented Scottish artist and a ruthless American serial killer form a blood brother bond taking them to conflicting ends of global acceptance.

Murder, suicide, and broken hearts are touchstones on their frantic twisting rollercoaster ride of emotions plummeting through the lowest rungs of society before soaring to the glamour-and-glitz of presidential champagne receptions.

The protagonists cross continents, tiptoeing and jack-booting through relationships, in their quest for fame and fortune. From Scotland, via Seattle and Santa Fe, to the idyllic Greek Island of Hydra and culminating in the anointment of both the art world's new Messiah, and the criminal world’s new Beelzebub.

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